Making Arrangements in Advance  
  Individuals and families are making pre-arrangements more now than ever. Here are some common reasons why they're making that decision:  
  • Reduce stress during an emotional time.
  • Make clear headed decisions while not under emotional strain.
  • Ensure legal obligations are clearly defined
  • Prevent loved ones from being burdened with financial responsibility
  • Leave no question as to what services are wanted
  • Avoid potentially rising funeral costs

There’s much to consider when making funeral arrangements. We can help you make the decisions that best suit your needs.  Our planners will work with you to address all questions and concerns that you may have. Whether you’re planning for yourself or another, we can help..


If you think pre-arrangements are right for you, or if you would like more information please set up an appointment to come in and talk. We can be reached at (219)374-5518 or via email at